The Zelda Collab!

Starting last November I put together a collab of all the creatures and races within the universe of The Legend of Zelda games! Spanning across Twitter, Tumblr, Deviantart, and even some Facebook folk, nearly 250 different artists submitted artwork!

Here is the full size version of all 255 Entries!

And Here is the list of all the artists who contributed!

Thank you so much to everyone who joined, this was a great experience and I got to meet some awesome people through it! You all are awesome!

I did one of these. Mine is the second one in the third row.

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So I just spent two days making myself a Clouddancer plushie! I’m pretty happy with how it came out, considering it’s the first one I’ve ever made.


All legendary Pokémon, minus Diancie, Volcanion and Hoopa! Because I completely forgot about them hahaha…

Originally this was going to be some glorious digital painting all dramatic-like and have multiple backgrounds showing the locations each legendary is found.


I am so burnt out on this, so…. enjoy a simpler version of it. :’D

(I also reused a drawing I did of the Sinnoh legends I did a long time ago, and that Rayquaza drawing I did a while ago *SOB*)

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jadequartz replied to your post “Off to Toronto, woo”

if ur a big nerd, go to the science center. or the ripley’s aquarium

marthick replied to your post “Off to Toronto, woo”

It’s obvious, but the Royal Ontario Museum is really fun. I also remember really liking the Toronto Zoo.
Thank you! I’m the biggest nerd, so I went to the aquarium today (it was amazing) and I think I might try for the Royal Ontario Museum tomorrow.